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Welcome to “O’Donnell for Liberty” with Justin O’Donnell.
Your weekly stop for a deep dive into political activism focused on making the world a better place.
Justin interviews doers, thinkers, and activists who are working to make the world freer,
and how you can start to do the same.

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Recent Episodes from “O’Donnell for Liberty”

Subversive #73: “Democracy” feat Kaitlyn Crosby

Summary Democracy is the will of the people to elect those they deem fit for public office, or so we used to think. Libertarian Kaitlyn Crosby sought the office of Mayor in Austin, PA, and unlike most Libertarians, actually won against an incumbent Republican. But that was where the story started, as before she could…More

Subversive #72: “Reno Recap” feat. AJ Olding

Summary The Reno Reset is complete, the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus took over the Libertarian Party! Finally! Or Did they? Is it a good thing, Or is it largely meaningless? Will Bold Messaging change the shape of the party, or will it relegate it to meme pages and Twitter fueds of stand-up comedians? AJ Olding,…More

Subversive #71: “Coming of Age” with The Young David Brady

Summary Is Libertarianism a consequence of jaded worldviews, or youthful optimism? What’s it like to be young, still in school, when you’ve had your libertarian awakening? How does possessing that worldview shape the rest of your life?The Young David Brady joins the show to share his insights on the matter, and maybe we can learn…More


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Drawing on his years of experience in the commercial sales world, Justin O’Donnell presents a concise and simple translation of sales and marketing communication skills, and how they can be applied to political activism and outreach. Whether you are a fresh volunteer for a local party organization or getting started in sales yourself, these skills are incredibly useful for improving the conversations you have in your everyday life.

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